About Us

Our Profile

Agrana Ghana Limited is a wholly owned Ghanaian company located in the industrial enclave of Tema, a Port city in Ghana, West Africa. The company’s mission is to ensure that prefab modular structures are brought within the reach of the thriving construction, housing and industrial centers in West Africa.

We are the leading provider of modular structures in Ghana. The fusion of long-standing expertise, in-depth know-how and an international network ensures focus, cost efficient implementation of customized solutions. The hallmark of our products is the ability to fulfill customer orders quickly with quality solutions. Our success is driven by absolute commitment of well motivated staff and an aggressive customer-driven sales strategy aimed at maintaining our number one position in Ghana and making significant sales impact in West Africa.

Agrana Ghana strives to meet both temporary and permanent housing and accommodation needs of its customers by engaging them from the beginning of idea generation right through design, planning to installation and after-sales service. This one-on-one co-operation in combination with standard details and needs of the customers enables Agrana Ghana to render housing and accommodation services to satisfy its clients beyond their expectation, in terms of price, quality, speed, comfort and aesthetics. It is not surprising Agrana’s clientele base cuts across various industries from mining, oil and gas, construction, manufacturing to individuals.

All our office container units are stackable, can be connected and transported easily for installation. These unique properties of our units make it possible to be designed for offices, ablution/restrooms, hospitals/ clinics, kitchens, schools, accommodations, canteens, meeting-places, churches etc. Another flexible benefit of our units is that once installed a customer could later modify the design and expand it if need be. Download our company profile.


Key Benefits

  1. Cheaper and faster alternative to brick and mortar office and storage structures; ideal for temporary accommodation while awaiting funding for originally planned edifices.
  2. Quick to install, in just 48 hours after pillar construction, and therefore meets short-term urgent space needs
  3. Flexible and dismountable parts, hence easy to knockdown and relocate or expand
  4. Aesthetically beautiful and durable; can compare with any high-class office premise
  5. Well ventilated, spacious and energy-efficient due to absence any gaps
  6. Has 6 months warranty


The Executive Team

  • Sam Apreku, Managing Director
  • Annie Akweley Apreku, Human Resource Manages
  • Evans Dadzie, Director: Sales, Marketing, Environment
  • Sam Kyere, Company Lawyer
  • John Dakurugu, Finance Manager